J-Pillow: The Travel Pillow That Actually Works


As a frequent flyer who never, ever sleeps on long haul flights I am constantly on the lookout for something that may potentially ease the torture that defines long distance air travel.


When it comes to travel pillows I have just about tried them all – bean filled, air filled, velvety covers, ‘luxury’ styles etc. And I can say with absolute gusto that…they are all rubbish!


But sometimes it is awesome to be proven wrong!



J-Pillow: The Travel Pillow That Actually Works…


 Gemma Jensen

Who better to appreciate the sleep deprived discomfort that a long haul traveller endures than a flight attendant?


Former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, now British Invention of the Year winner, Gemma Jensen, is now every frequent flyer’s best friend with the release of her amazing J-Pillow!


The design of the J-Pillow is sheer genius for the simple fact that it supports your neck, it supports your head and it supports your chin. 

Your chin!! Genius.


J-PILLOW cropped yellow background with writing


Meaning that sleeping upright finally becomes something within the realms of possibility during long haul travel.


That alone gets a massive high-five from me!


OK I admit that aesthetically it is a little usual, but once you’ve seen how well it works…you get past that – trust me!


And then, you end up looking a little something like this…


 J Pillow image man with pillow


The traditional U-shape design of travel pillows does zilch for comfort, posture or that god-awful falling feeling as you start to nod off and your head inevitably jolts forward.


The clever design of the J-Pillow counteracts all of this. And it’s so cute and snuggly too.



Need to know:


The pillow is easy to carry with a snap loop at the top which can be attached to luggage.

It’s squishy, so it can fit well inside your luggage when you are not flying.

The J-Pillow retails at $35 (AUD) including free worldwide delivery and is available from the J-Pillow Website 



P.S. Although I received a complimentary J-Pillow from Gemma to review, I will never review any product on Quiet Wanderings that I don’t fully endorse and use myself. And I love this!

Guess what all my travel friends are getting for Christmas this year? 😉



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    The Guy Who Flies Apr 20 2015 - 11:22 pm Reply

    I have to agree with you Cherina. I bought a J Pillow a few months ago and have used it on 4 long haul flights and not a sign of neck ache yet.

    Two of those flights were over 13 hours one way as I flew from Europe to Chile – heck that was a long flight!

    The J Pillow is certainly comfy and aids sleep. Now all I need is a decent cushion to sit on since economy class seats give me a real uncomfortable pain in the small of my back (which does hinder sleep).
    The Guy Who Flies recently posted..J Pillow: The Best Airplane Side Sleeper PillowMy Profile

  • Avatar

    tumbler batman Sep 6 2016 - 10:50 am Reply

    Hello!!yes travel pillow is very useful in your trip..Thanks for sharing…
    tumbler batman recently posted..Blog Post SampleMy Profile

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