The Colours of Burano Island: Venice, Italy


The only good thing about leaving Venice is if you are zipping across the lagoon in a vaporetto to the idyllic island of Burano. Only a 30 minute boat ride away, the simple beauty and vibrant colours of Burano will charm you in an instant and makes a perfect side trip for a brief escape from the busier pace of Venice.

Burano ‘Island’ actually consists of four small islands separated by narrow canals and this small fishing community is known for its beautiful handmade lace products….but what really gets visitors talking is the colours!


Burano Island Italy


Brilliantly coloured houses with decorated window boxes overlook the canals and adorn the alleyways of this whimsical little island. With such vibrant colours as a backdrop, even laundry flapping in the breeze looks kind of pretty!


Burano Island Italy


Burano Island Italy


I was reminded of my trip to Burano Island whilst wandering through the coloured villages of the Cinque Terre on the west coast of Italy this time last year. It is only other place I have visited where residents paint their houses in such a myriad of colours.

On Burano, the tradition of families painting their home in bright colours began as a way of identifying where one family home ended and another began. The tradition continues but government permission must be granted to paint your home a particular colour.


Burano Island Italy


Burano Island Italy


The food on Burano is delicious and more reasonably priced than Venice – fresh seafood caught by the local fisherman is a real treat.

Apart from enjoying a divine dish of Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Spaghetti with garlic and oil), we were content to simply wander through the brightly coloured streets, chasing cats and shadows and fishing boats along the canals.


Burano Island Italy


Many travellers visit the neighbouring island of Murano (famous for it’s beautiful glass-works) skipping over the smaller island of Burano.

Having visited both, to these people I say…you have no idea what you’re missing!


 Do you have a favourite day trip from Venice?



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