Photo Essay: Winter Wonderland in Scotland

 There’s no denying it, snow makes me happy. Very, very happy. The excitement and wonder of the first time I awoke in Vancouver to a gorgeous white moonscape in my front yard was like a dream come true. Snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights….you name it, I am all over it when it comes to snow.

I have absolutely no idea where this fascination with cold places comes from. But it’s there just the same.

Living in Edinburgh gave me a taste of all the fabulous seasons and crazy weather Scotland has to offer and for me winter in Scotland is the most beautiful time of year.

I realised when I was putting these photos together that almost every time I have returned to Scotland since I lived there…has been during winter. Coincidence?


view from cottage in Edinburgh

Enjoying the view from the back porch of The Cottage.



There is a cottage tucked safely away on the top of a hill just outside Edinburgh that is like my second home. 

Whenever I visit my ‘Edinburgh family’, as they have affectionately become known, this is where I stay. Having a warm and cosy place in the north to retreat to when I am travelling through that part of the world is a luxury.



winter in Edinburgh

Horse riding in the hills would’ve been fun – wish I’d thought of that while I was there. Next time….



The last Christmas I spent at The Cottage with the family was during the Big Freeze in Europe a couple of years back and much to my delight, most of Edinburgh was picture-perfect white by the time I arrived on Christmas Eve; and even more so in the hills.


Two weeks during winter in Scotland spent at The Cottage meant endless frolicking in the snow, long walks and several (failed) attempts at building snowmen. It was one of the best northern winters I’ve had yet….









And a river runs through it. Edinburgh

And a river runs through it…well of course it does! What would a cottage in the hills be without its own river??




Winter berries.






Beginnings of a whiteout

The beginnings of a whiteout – view from the conservatory window




Evening walks along the river.



Winter in Scotland: Edinburgh



Pentland Hills, Winter in Scotland: Edinburgh

The nearby Pentland Hills are a just gorgeous in the winter time.



Winter in Scotland: Edinburgh



Winter in Scotland: Edinburgh



 Do you have a place you love to retreat to during the winter months?



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