Travel Disruptions: When Things Go Wrong


We all know that things don’t always go to plan in life and of course this can be very true when you travel. Things going wrong is just part of the deal.

I know this as well as the next person.


But like anything in life, if the bad luck/misfortune just keeps on coming, there is a point where you start to feel like you need to be cut a little slack.




things are getting worse please send more chocolate



A lot of things went wrong in very short space of time on my last trip to Europe…



  • I missed my connecting flight in Qatar on the way to Europe, which meant an overnight in Doha – it took me three days in transit to get from Australia to Milan. Like it doesn’t already take way long enough already! My longest (unplanned) time in transit to date.



Aircraft window



  • Because of the missed flight, I missed out on my day of exploring Milan.


  • I lost my voice. Anyone who knows me will know how inconvenient this is for me. I do like to have to my say 😉  (To be fair, this was actually a result of talking too much at TBU in Umbria…but, still…)



Todi, Umbria



  • After another delayed flight from Rome, I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London only to stand in an immigration line for 3 hours. Yep, 3 hours. I had finished my book on the plane but I started re-reading it just to distract myself. Others threw themselves on the floor and cried. I resisted doing that.


  • The delay at Heathrow meant I missed the last Heathrow Express train into London and the only other option at 2am was a £90 taxi ride to the city centre. Far from ideal for a traveller on a budget.



Heathrow immigration

Heathrow immigration…2 hours in



  • …AND I ended up with the worst chest infection I’ve ever had before heading to Iceland…one of the coldest countries in Europe and not the best place to be sporting a lung deficiency.


I acknowledge that these are all very much first world problems but, needless to say…I was about ready throw up my arms and bellow…WTF!!



And then I received the news from Australia that my Nan had passed away.


In a second my world changed; and crumbled a little, as it does when you lose someone you love.


Missed flights, airport immigration lines, money and illness suddenly seemed so  insignificant….


I would’ve stood in that line at Heathrow Airport a thousand times over if it meant seeing my Nan again.



Me and Nan


But that’s not how life works.


Individually these inconveniences seemed important, but really…who cares if once in your life you have to stand in line for 3 hours?


And there were so many wonderful things happening as well.



The Art of Travel



It’s a good reminder that life is no fairytale. And instead of resisting the difficulties we should try to take them in our stride.  Things don’t always go to plan, people disappoint you, and you definitely can’t always please everyone. And this is all true when you travel.


But losing focus is the worst things you can do.



My Nan was a great traveller and she always encouraged my love for travel. She often used to say “enjoy every moment, darling”.


I’m sure my Nan didn’t specifically mean standing in lines at Heathrow immigration or ridiculously priced taxis or close-calls with pneumonia…but…she has a very good point, just the same.



So, the moral of the story…

Always carry extra reading material when you fly, don’t talk too much (how boring!)…and remember to take your vitamins.



You'll never know if you never go




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