Getting Away in South East Asia in 2013


In Australia, it could be said that all ‘roads’ lead to Bali…

Being a cheap and easy 3.5 hour flight from Perth in Western Australia it is an understatement to say that Bali is a popular tourist destination for Aussies.

Apart from a family holiday when I was 15, I have resisted the temptation of Bali and tend to visit places like, you know…Iceland: closer to 35 hours worth of flights, and not exactly cheap!



tropical resort - infinity pool

Photo: Sarah Ackerman



And then there is Vietnam…


With plenty of interesting travel options in Vietnam, a national cuisine to-die-for and stunning natural landscapes to explore, this wonderful Asian destination could soon become the ‘new Bali’ for Australian travellers – not quite as close, but still incredibly affordable.



tropical resort - infinity pool

Photo: Nan Palmerlo



In my 14 years of travel, I have never had a resort holiday and I’m thinking that now might be time. And that Bali or Vietnam might just be the place.


I know some of you will be up in arms about this: yes, I know there is MUCH more to Bali and Vietnam than laying around in a resort, but you have to admit….doesn’t it sound just fabulous!?

cocktail martini

Photo: D. Sharon Pruitt

And to be honest, after all the travelling I have done over the last year or so….I really need a holiday!! :)


Despite this new desire for a poolside holiday with plenty of massages and martinis, I am recently feeling more and more drawn to Asia. Real Asia.



Peak hour rickshaw ride to Dhaka University Music Festival

Peak hour rickshaw ride to Dhaka University Music Festival. Bangladesh



A 5 week trip to Bangladesh in 2008 gave me a teasing taste of the incredible sensory overload that is Asia: the blissful chaos and mayhem of roads and markets and festivals; the tropical heat; hidden wilderness if you dare to stray from the tourist trails; and of course, the deliciousness that is street food….



vietnamese ribs

Photo: Joshua Bousel



So to counteract a lazy poolside jaunt to Bali, maybe I will ensure a cultural / food tour of Vietnam is also on the agenda: hiking in the remote north west mountains of Sapa; the gorgeous Pongua Falls just outside of Dalat; and dining on Pho in Saigon…



vienamese pho

Photo: Janne Moren



Or maybe it’s even about time I did a volunteering stint in Cambodia teaching kids to take photos.


Will I be able to resist the lure of the European north for a bit and make and Asia trip happen in 2013…? I’m still deciding.



 A very safe and happy New Year to you all!!

Where are you thinking about travelling to in 2013?



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