Art, Wine and History in Umbria, Italy


It’s always secretly satisfying when you can bring together several of the things that you love.

There were many options for the three-day post-conference trips offered as part of Travel Bloggers Unite conference that I attended in Umbria in earlier this year….however, choosing the Art, Wine and History Tour seemed a bit of a no-brainer to me.

Art, food and wine in Italy…it sounded like a rather perfect way to spend three days to me!



Wandering the streets of the Umbrian hill town of Orvieto, Italy.

Wandering the streets of the Umbrian hill town of Orvieto, Italy.


Forget about art and history (although we absorbed our fair share of that also), I have never eaten so much amazing food in my life! Don’t even get me started on the wine….


Umbria certainly does both extremely well. Actually, it really seems that they do most things well.


I’ve said it before, and yes, I will continue to say it until you are hearing it in your sleep.…Umbria is wonderful.


The 12th century Duomo of Spoleto

Marble mosaic floors in the 12th century Duomo of Spoleto, officially known as the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral of the Assumption of St. Mary).


As if the food and hospitality at the TBU conference wasn’t enough, the post-conference trips organised by the Umbria Tourist Board took things to an entirely different level.


We were plied with incredible four-course meals on a regular basis. Four courses may as well have been ten and I seem to remember walking around in a constant state of feeling full; and a little tipsy.

Did I mention the wine already…?


Food and Wine in Italy: Roccafiore Winery

Food and wine in Italy: Roccafiore Winery


Two locals volunteered their time to make certain that our three days were pretty darn fantastic. Mission definitely successful.

Rebecca, a writer at Umbria on the Blog, was an instant kindred spirit in our shared adoration for all-things-caffeinated and her contagious energy and love for Umbria quickly transferred to our small group.

Claude did an excellent job of keeping the tour (and the bloggers) organised and filling us in on the historical significance of the places we visited.


umbria orvieto

Orvieto Duomo: interior artwork


So, back to the wine…


We lunched, we dined, we tasted wine….and then we did it all over again. And while we digested we looked at art. Not a lifestyle I would tire of I assure you!


Food and wine Italy: Spoleto

More good food and wine that any one person could handle!


Our first lunch at Ristorante San Lorenzo in Spoleto was particularly delicious, but not to be outdone, the Fiorfiorre restaurant and Roccafiore winery near Todi also produced spectacular food and wine. By our final decadent meal at Bramante Restaurant in Todi I have to admit…I finally reached breaking point and could barely manage a even small mouthful of the dessert.



Food and wine in Italy: dessert

Food and wine in Italy: dessert



And in between consuming some of the best food and wine in Italy, we meandered our way through the narrow streets of the hill towns of Spoleto, Todi and Orvieto exploring cathedrals, Roman ruins and craning our necks at artwork and frescoes; photographing hidden alleyways, drinking delicious Italian coffee and eating gelato.


orvieto cathedral artwork interior

Fresco at the Church of San Fortunato in Todi, Umbria.



All the post conference trips came together in the town of Narni. We arrived a couple of days shy of a traditional medieval costume festival called Corsa all’Anello but we received a sneak preview of the festival in the form of a parade in our honour.

It wasn’t quite Narnia, but with all the costumes it certainly felt like being in another place and time.


umbria narni

Corsa all’Anello in Narni, Umbria


So what have we all learned for our next trip to Umbria?

That we must fast for at least a week before coming back here.

I’m so not kidding!


Check out this video to get a taste of what our small (but particularly awesome) group had the opportunity to enjoy in Umbria.




Have you ever visited Umbria or any of Italy’s other beautiful regional areas?

Where would you return to in an instant if you could…?



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