Adventurous Travel: How to be a More Intrepid Traveller


I am always taken aback when I am referred to as ‘adventurous traveller’. The truth is, I don’t really think I am that adventurous.


I know so many travellers who are much more adventurous than me so I obviously compare myself to them.  I do love getting off the beaten path, independent travel, long distance walking and random out of the way places.


Does this mean I am adventurous?


I guess so. Adventurous travel does not have to consist of throwing yourself out of a plane, or climbing Everest…but it really doesn’t take that much tweaking to make your travels a little ‘less ordinary’.


Here are some suggestions that should help you to create a more adventurous travel experience on your next trip, regardless of where you are going.



Hiking Cathedral Mountain in Denali National Park, Alaska

Hiking Cathedral Mountain in Denali National Park, Alaska



Go Crazy With Trying New Foods


Don’t be afraid to try new things! I used to turn my nose up at things like Escargot (fancy name for snails). It turns out they are pretty tasty and not at all as slimy as you would expect.


These days I am pretty happy to try anything, provided it is cooked. I still don’t really cope with raw meats and seafood. Although Ceviche (fish or other seafood cured/cooked in citrus juices) is one of my favourite South American dishes.

Crocodile – yum. Reindeer sausage – delish and a little like chorizo. Puffin – surprisingly good!



Moose burger

Moose burger



And if you are in Australia you absolutely must try Kangaroo. It reminds me a little of the moose meat I tried in Alaska.


Ethics often comes into this of course. I struggled with the idea of eating whale meat when I was in Iceland in May and in the end I decided against it.



Get Off The Beaten Path


I am the first to admit that Lonely Planet is amazing. Where would we be without them?


But just keep in mind that those few pages of details about your destination within the guidebook is only a tiny piece of what that place has to offer…


and everyone else who has your guidebook is going to go there too.


Use it as exactly what it is meant to be – a guide.


Explore places at random – wander without a map – talk to other travellers and follow their suggestions – walk into an obscure looking restaurant and choose something you wouldn’t usually eat.


Hiking the Camino de Santiago, Northern Spain

Hiking the Camino de Santiago, Northern Spain



Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


Think about all the things you wish you had the courage to do…and try one of them. Do over-think it. Just decide to do it and, well…do it!


I never thought I would ever find myself hanging from a pair of ice picks on a vertical wall of ice in Alaska…

..but ice climbing has been one of the most fulfilling outdoors adventures I have had so far.


Push your fears and anxieties aside and just…go for it.



Ice climbing in Alaska



And no, you are not too old / too unfit / too uncool… or whatever other excuse you are thinking of right now.

I probably fall into all those categories, but I choose to not care 😉


PS: If the idea ice climbing gives you brain-freeze just thinking about it, you could start your adventurous travel crusade on a smaller scale and go hike up a mountain or something…

I’m just saying…


Adventurous photography




Whether you are a ‘photographer’ or not really makes no difference.


If you own a camera and you take it travelling with you (how could you even consider NOT taking it!!) you can come home with beautiful travel photos, if you just think outside the square a little.


Instead of returning with the same stock standard images as everyone else, try something different.

  • take pictures of some of the things that you would usually walk right past
  • capture the details
  • try shooting some black and white
  • change your perspective: crouch down stand on something to make you higher / lay on the ground / look up /look behind you….
  • Most of all – Have FUN with it!




Talk to a Stranger


Other travellers are usually pretty friendly folk. Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know (of the non-creepy variety, preferably)


This particularly goes for anyone with a travel companion. When you have someone else with you, you are generally less likely to just start chatting to someone. You already have someone to talk to, right?


Think of all the people that you missing out on meeting! One of those people could change your life…



Do you consider yourself an adventurous traveler?

What do you do to make your travels less ordinary?



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  • Avatar

    Darlene Foster Jul 30 2012 - 1:54 pm Reply

    “A stranger is just a friend you never met before” I love that quote and I love talking to people when I am travelling. You meet such interesting people that way.
    I guess I am not as adventurous as some but I do manage to step out of the old comfort zone from time to time and plan to do more of it.

    • Avatar

      Quiet Wanderings Aug 7 2012 - 9:17 pm Reply

      What a great quote, Darlene. I agree, I have met so many wonderful friends in my years of travelling. I can’t imagine my life without many of them. Stepping out of the comfort zone is adventurous if you ask me- it’s more than some people will ever do :)

  • Avatar

    Candace Jul 31 2012 - 5:20 am Reply

    Fantastic post, Cherina! Obviously, your photo from the Camino was my favorite part :) But all of your suggestions are spot on, and are things I’ve tried to implement in my own travels. You have definitely inspired me to try ice climbing one day!
    Candace recently posted..conversations with micaela, part 4: how do you remember places?My Profile

    • Avatar

      Quiet Wanderings Aug 7 2012 - 9:24 pm Reply

      Thanks, Candace – Ice climbing is fantastic! But yes, the Camino holds a special place in my heart too. Can’t wait to walk it again.

  • Avatar

    Dalene Jul 31 2012 - 5:28 pm Reply

    I am in total agreement except for the adventurous eating. I’ll leave that to Pete, and I’ll do the adventurous drinking! Somebody needs to do it, right? :)
    Dalene recently posted..How to Become a House-Sitter, and See the World!My Profile

    • Avatar

      Quiet Wanderings Aug 7 2012 - 9:27 pm Reply

      Haha – indeed they do, Dalene and I think you should definitely be the one for the job! I’ll join you next time we meet up :)

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