Exploring Florence and Tuscany: Italy In Photos


You know you are exploring Florence and Tuscany when….

…You walk past buildings like this before you’ve even had your first coffee for the day. I would almost sacrifice coffee to be able to walk past this every day. Almost…


Duomo, Florence

Duomo, Florence


…Umbrellas on a rainy day look even more beautiful than usual…


Umbrellas Florence



…There is a man on a stool playing old classics on an accordion down in the street outside your window each evening.

He kept playing ‘As Time Goes By’  from Casablanca, one of my favourite songs. I told him, “Play it once, Sam.” He laughed, but I don’t think he got it…


Street musician in Florence



…Hill towns and villages like San Gimignano and Monteriggioni seem like something straight out of a fairytale…


San Gimignano

San Gimignano






…Even mundane things seem romantic: a window display, a doorway, a chair, a post box…


Post box florence

Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence



…The landscape is so green it almost hurts your eyes and you start using the words ‘rolling hills’ in way too many sentences…


Tuscan hills near Montergionni

Tuscan hills near Monteriggioni



…Despite not being able to understand a word of what anyone is saying, you fall in love with the Italian language…


I love you



…Even though you vow not to drink too much wine…it is just too good to resist! A couple of glasses of Chianti each day has to be good for the health, right? Or at least for the soul…


Chianti wine



…You have brief moments of wishing you could wear shoes like these…


window display florence



…When even 3 Euro pizza from a street vendor is way better than a $20 pizza at home…


PIzza in florence



…You have an epiphany where you begin to understand what all the Under a Tuscan Sun / Eat Pray Love women were getting at…and you can totally see yourself living in a villa in Italy. (Like you couldn’t already see that!)…


Tuscan villa and rolling hills

Me and my Tuscan villa, complete with rolling hills and a vineyard…in my dreams!



…You are wandering through a village and hear what sounds like a harp, randomly walk into a beautiful courtyard and, sure enough…there is a woman playing a harp.


Harp player San Gimignano



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