Umbria: Springtime and the Living is Easy


The springtime blossoms are spiraling through the air like snow flurries and my hay fever is going crazy, but right now I couldn’t care less:


I am too busy falling in love with Umbria.


It’s just so easy to. This tiny region in central Italy is often overlooked but if anyone knows how to pack a whole lot of goodness into one small region, it’s the Umbrians. So much that it will leave you wanting more.


View from the village of Todi in Umbria.

View from the village of Todi in Umbria.



After spending almost week in Umbria for the Travel Bloggers Unite conference my head is spinning with images of Assisi, Spoleto, Todi and today my favourite village of them all, Orvieto.


Umbria is a place that you could return to again and again and I keep asking myself how it is that I have never been here!


Rambling medieval village streets, wine that will make you weak at the knees, and some of the best food I’ve ever tasted are only some of the reasons why this place has won my heart.



Exploring the streets of Orvierto in Umbria.

Exploring the streets of Orvieto in Umbria.



After a week in Florence and Tuscany, I thought I’d seen the very best of the Italian countryside and in my ignorance, I assumed Umbria would be more or less the same.


Tuscany is lovely of course, with its manicured vineyards and picture-perfect landscapes and it fulfills its reputation of being romantic: it makes me sigh, and want to cosy up to someone with a glass of wine while enjoying the view.

But here’s the thing…



Umbria has something else..


It has a wild, untamed feel about it and a raw beauty, which makes it infinitely more intriguing.



Valle di Assisi Hotel in Santa Maria degli Angeli, near Assisi.

Valle di Assisi Hotel in Santa Maria degli Angeli, near Assisi.



Umbria will give you chills.


Honestly, it will! There is a sublime magic here that makes you want to get out and explore, and become lost amongst its ancient streets and valleys.

Sounds perfect? Well. Yes.







We all know the phrase ‘la dolce vita’ (the sweet life), but the Italians also have another saying that I find much more interesting: ‘Il dolce far niente’ the sweetness of doing nothing.


Instead of rushing through life, Italians enjoy it. They love to eat. And drink. And laugh.


They have an attitude to life that is enviable. And the people of Umbria are no different.



Appetiser at lunch in Spoleto, Umbria

Appetiser at lunch in Spoleto, Umbria



This week, thanks to the Umbria Tourist Board, I have thoroughly enjoyed life. I have eaten (oh my god, have I eaten!). I have drunk (no, that shouldn’t read been drunk).


And I have most definitely laughed.


(I have also talked so much that I have almost lost my voice….No comment.)


A week in Umbria is not even close to being enough but that only means the temptation to return is even greater.



Much more to come about Umbria!



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This trip to Umbria in all it’s glory was made possible by the Umbria Tourist Board and Travel Bloggers Unite.



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