Holy Smokes, I’m in Iceland!


No, I’m not at all done with talking about Italy but I thought I would mix it up a little, keep things interesting. Besides I am just too excited to keep it to myself any longer.

I am in Iceland!


This is a dream come true for me. Iceland has been on my travel radar for years and it’s still a little surreal that I am actually here.


Gulfoss Falls in Iceland

Gullfoss Falls



It’s been a tumultuous and emotionally draining couple of weeks with the awful news of a death in my family.


It’s taken a while but I am beginning to feel a little less numb and more enthusiastic about being here. I even considered cancelling this trip to Iceland and returning under better circumstances.

I can honestly say now that I am glad that I didn’t.


Iceland has gone beyond my expectations. And although I tried to keep them low (I really did try), they were pretty darn high.



Grotta lighthouse

Grotta lighthouse, Seltjarnarnes



Being here is a timely reminder of exactly why  I travel, why I thrive on it.


It is this thrill of arriving in an unknown place and seeing it for the first time; of getting completely lost in it; and that gradual transformation as the unknown place begins to feel familiar.


I saw a lava field yesterday, for the first time ever. That first glimpse of a lava field will never happen again.

Life should be full of ‘firsts’…and travelling delivers, time and again.





Lava field in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Lava field in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula



After a few days exploring the areas in West Iceland by car, I am now in South Iceland surrounded by volcanoes and glaciers and more lava fields.


I swore I wouldn’t let the cold stop me in Iceland. I admit, it hasn’t been as cold as I expected but regardless, my Aussie blood is slowly freezing in these temperatures.


It is still worth the semi-naked dash outside to soak in the hot tub at the amazing Hotel Ranga where I am staying which, after 14 hours of driving yesterday….is exactly what I need.

Having a warm and welcoming retreat like this to come back to makes all the difference. And wait until you hear about the gourmet feast I enjoyed in the restaurant while I was there!



Heated spa at Hotel Ranga, South Iceland

Outdoor Jacuzzi at Hotel Ranga, South Iceland



I am really enjoying the fact that Iceland is a little bit quirky:


I love that the majority of the population believe in the existence of elves (yes, you heard right), that the most popular restaurant is a hot dog stand, and that their national dish is cured shark. It’s fabulous!



Coast at Arnarstapi, Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Coast at Arnarstapi, Snaefellsnes Peninsula



I am doing my utmost to live at least a little like an Icelander while I’m here but that is proving easier said than done.


I am yet to be able to pronounce a single Icelandic word without sounding like a total fool; the pragmatist in me refuses to get on-board with the whole elves situation; and I have gagged during all attempts at eating the local delicacy of dried fish.

Sorry, Iceland!

But needless to say….I find the challenge a whole lot of fun.



Street signs in Reykjavik

Thank god there is such a thing as a GPS, that’s all I can say…



Thanks to Hotel Ranga for providing me with accommodation during my three days in South Iceland. Hotel Ranga is a member of Great Hotels of the World Luxury Collection.


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