Would You Like Another Chianti…Wine Tasting in Tuscany


It is such stuff as dreams are made on: sipping Chianti wine, in Chianti.

Today, this is no dream. Although, it is decidedly dreamlike….a little too much Chianti, perhaps?


The Chianti wine region in Tuscany evokes ridiculously romantic images of miles of undulating green hills sprinkled with pristine vineyards, traditional stone farmhouses…and some of the finest wines in the world!




It is all of this, as though plucked straight out of a fairytale…and a couple of hours of wine tasting in Chianti, Tuscany is an infallible remedy for a jet lagged Aussie in Florence.


Actually, it is a quite possibly a foolproof remedy for most things.


If you’ve tasted a Chianti wine you will understand why this is one of Italy’s most important wine regions. Chianti is a hearty, full-bodied red wine made from Sangiovese grapes.




There are several blends of Chianti, the finest one being the Chianti Classico identifiable by a gallo nero (black rooster) symbol on the neck of the bottle.


After a day exploring Tuscan hill towns, I sit by an open fire and sip on my third tasting for the day.


This divine Chianti Classico is accompanied by crusty bread dripping in some of the best extra virgin olive oil I’ve ever tasted, tasty cheese and honey, and chickpeas drizzled in aged balsamic vinegar.



The hilltop wine estate whose magnificent view I am enjoying has produced everything in front of me, except for the cheese and the chickpeas.


Tenuta Casanova winery (I mentioned romance, right?) is a small family-run, organic estate near the town of Castellina In Chianti just south of Florence.


Casanova is a non-commercial estate and the family produces a very small quantity of exceptional wine, olive oil and balsamic each year – all of which is only available from the winery itself.


The balsamic vinegar is aged for either 3, 8 or 30(!!) years in open barrels in a separate cellar and I tried the 30 year old ‘vintage’ drizzled over ice-cream. Amazing!


Along with their heavenly red wines, they have also created a delicious, if not a little intoxicating, dessert wine aptly named…’easy to fall in love’.


Tenuta Casanova is only one of the many wineries in the Chianti region. If I had the time (and the stamina), I would try them all! But this was the perfect finale to my first day in the Tuscan countryside.



Do you love Chianti wine as much as I do? What’s your favourite Italian wine?



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