The World On Show: Travel Shows and Why You Should Give Them a Chance


How many of you have already forgotten your New Years resolution’s?

I have.

Something about making more money, finding eternal happiness, drink less red wine…something, something…blah, blah…


That’s okay though. Resolutions are made to be broken, right?



Well, maybe you could just really quickly invent some new ones: close your eyes, point to a random spot on a map and race off to the nearest Travel Show to find yourself a plane ticket to….well, anywhere!

Yes. That would make us all feel better.


old europe map

Photo: Flickr creative commons



At least, that would make me feel better. So I have done just that.

(I didn’t close my eyes when I looked at the map of Europe though…I am way too much of a control freak for that. You totally should though)


A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend elbowing the crowds and trawling through the stalls of the Travel Expo and the Adventure Travel Expo in Melbourne.


They were my first ever travel shows. They were chaotic and exhausting but I found a seriously cheap flight to Europe with Qatar Airways, so it was happy endings all round…


(Something to note…You usually have to book on the day to get the deals on offer. Being stubborn, I was still convinced I could find something cheaper so I didn’t book. I soon realised that what I’d been offered actually was the best price. I still managed to get a similar price by booking directly through the airline.

This is not always a guarantee.)


travel and tour brochures


Now, it’s true, this does kind of go against my feelings of disdain towards booking trips through travel agents.

I did a HUGE amount of research for flights before I went to the travel shows, so I knew the ballpark figures I would need to pay for what I wanted. And to be honest, I didn’t really expect there to be a marked difference.


And maybe I got lucky, but I was really impressed!


Yes, you are still booking through an agent BUT there are rows of stalls representing a multitude of travel companies and airlines all offering much of the same thing…and they are all in direct competition with each other for your business.

It helps that you can walk two meters and ask for a better deal. They also have special deals that are only available if you book on the day.


melbourne travel expo banner and crowd


Before you head to a travel show:

Have a really clear idea of where and when you want to go, and how you would like to get there.

The clearer you are on what you want the more likely you are to get it.


There are all kinds of deals to be had:

Rail passes, bus passes, flights, accommodation, package tours (Cringe. Hey, whatever floats your boat though…)


But please remember…the sole purpose of these lovely people is to sell you something. And they would all love a piece of you.


girl waiting for a train at Paris subway station


So stand your ground and try your best not to be talked into a resort holiday in The Bahamas, when hiking in the Himalayas was more what you had in mind. Or vice versa. (I’m not sure which would be the worst-case scenario actually?)


Even if you don’t plan on booking something on the day, it could still be worth stopping by to get destination information, ideas for your trip, and tour and airfare pricing.


Here is a list of upcoming Travel Shows and Expos happening in the next few weeks around the world. (A couple of them are on this weekend)



The World On Show – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane


The Travel and Vacation Show, Ottawa

Study and Go Abroad Fairs – Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto


The New York Times Travel Show – NYC


The TNT Travel Show – London


Have you ever been to a travel show?

Did you have any success or did you think it was a waste of time?


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