For the Love of Travel (Oh, and I’m Off To Umbria!)


There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Something I’ve implied, alluded to, and made suggestive comments about on this blog…but I’ve never actually said the words out loud.


We’ve known each other a while now. I think it is time you knew the truth, so here goes…


I love to travel.  There. I said it.

(I do hope you were sitting down for that?!)


I love it. Passionately, absolutely, unconditionally: even when I hate it so much I could scream.


The very thought of travelling warms the cockles of my heart. It’s what helps to put my life and the world around me into perspective.

To borrow words I heard from a friend: it’s what “makes my soul happy”.


But I love being at home also.



beach near denmark western australia

Near Denmark, Western Australia



Traci, who writes a wonderful blog called Walk Simply, talked about this in a comment on this blog recently. She said that if she were to travel continuously she would miss those times when she was at home, and not travelling.


She would miss the planning and excitement and anticipation that come with an upcoming trip.

And I completely agree.


I discovered quite some time ago that long-term travel is not for me. Although, it definitely was once. Some of the best years I’ve had were the round-world-trips I did in my mid-twenties. I did almost four consecutive years of RTW travel and living overseas.



two people sleeping



These days I usually put my healthy travel limit at around 3 months. No more. Any longer and I get tired of it. Exhausted. I lose interest and get blasé about things that really do not deserve it:

“Oh lovely, look at that…it’s another of those wonders of the world…hmm, is it time to eat again yet?”



Patisserie in Paris

Patisserie in Paris



And strangely enough, I think I actually love travel even more than I did then.


I just like to do things a little differently. Now I like the balance of a life that shifts between home and faraway places: all those crazy-beautiful places that are just yearning to be explored and devoured and appreciated.



Glacier View Alaska

Matanuska Glacier, Alaska



And, like Traci, I love the planning and excitement and how much things can change in the lead up to a trip. My plans for this April/May have changed significantly in the last week:


I am now traveling alone. And I am going to Italy instead of Spain.


I will travel through the gorgeous landscapes of Tuscany, to Umbria in central Italy where I will attend the 2012 TBU Conference, specifically for travel bloggers. I will have a chance to meet people from the online travel community and learn more about this wonderful world of travel blogging.


AND I get to explore two of the most beautiful regions of Italy.


My last trip to Italy was to Venice and Rome, so it will be fun to be visit some of the places in between that I missed last time.

 I am so excited!!


Seems ironic that I am studying intermediate Spanish and going to Italy, Greece and Iceland and well, not Spain…hmm.






This ‘short’ trip will be about eight weeks. Enough time to explore a few new places, revisit a couple of old favourites, and catch up with some special friends along the way.


But not so long that I will start wondering about when it’s time to eat again….Perfect!



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What’s the maximum time you like to be on the move?


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  • Avatar

    Traci Lehman Feb 10 2012 - 2:50 am Reply

    Hi Cherina,
    To say that I am flattered of the mention is an understatement. I appreciate it fully! Funny that we can relate on that level and I am the exact opposite of a long-term traveler, although I dream about it. I look forward to reading your adventures. As far as Spanish is concerned, Spanish and Italian are both derived from Latin, correct? Both are romance languages? It may come in handy. Have an excellent time!
    Traci Lehman recently posted..Beach Walk: The RewardMy Profile

    • Avatar

      quietwanderings Feb 17 2012 - 2:39 am Reply

      Haha, yes I could try my very stilted Spanish out on the Italians and see what happens. I could end up ordering some very interesting food and drinks. It was a pleasure to mention you, Traci!

  • Avatar

    Kim Feb 10 2012 - 6:36 pm Reply

    Yay! Sounds fantastic. Two months is perfect- that’s no two week vacation.
    Kim recently posted..Say What You AreMy Profile

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