Glacier View, Alaska: A Change of Plans


You can spend months researching and planning your travels and you can easily figure out most of the logistics from home: which places to visit, how to get from A to B, accommodation ideas, possible driving routes etc.

But the one thing you can never ‘plan’ for is which of the places you’ve chosen to visit that you are going to lose your heart to. Occasionally you stumble upon a place and from the moment you arrive you wonder how on earth you are going to bring yourself to leave.



View of Matanuska Glacier from Lion's Head

© Quiet Wanderings. All photography by Cherina Hadley. Matanuska Glacier: view from Lion’s Head peak



We arrived in the Glacier View area in Alaska after driving from Anchorage a little before dusk. It was the first time I had driven on the right hand side of the road in almost ten years so the two hour drive became more like four as I nervously made my way down the Glenn Highway.



Fall colours in Denali National Park

© Quiet Wanderings. Fall colours in Denali National Park



We had pre-booked a small log cabin in the mountains and that is exactly what we got. The Homestead Guest Cabins, nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains became our second home for four days and we made instant friends with our hosts Sandy and Dan, and their daughter Jenny.



Homestead Guest Cabins

© Quiet Wanderings. Homestead Guest Cabins



We went berry-picking, horse riding, hiking and of course ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier. On our second night at the cabin we had a visit from a moose and her twin calves just a couple of meters from our front door, almost close enough to touch.



Our resident baby moose

© Quiet Wanderings. Our resident baby moose



This delightful little cabin in the wilderness and the kindness of our new friends made it very difficult to leave. So much, that we decided to make it our home for a little while longer. After a week long jaunt to Denali National Park and northern Alaska to see that incredible Aurora Borealis, we returned to Glacier View – this time for a full week.


Our two week Alaska Tour somehow turned into three – and I loved every minute of it.



Traditional Alaskan sourdough pancakes…with freshly picked wild blueberries

© Quiet Wanderings. Traditional Alaskan sourdough pancakes…with freshly picked wild blueberries



Allowing yourself the flexibility to alter plans whilst traveling can be so worthwhile. We have a loose schedule on this trip – we know which places we don’t want to miss out on, we know the general direction we are headed, and we know we have three months to do it.

But our plans on this trip are constantly in flux.


In only three weeks during our trip to Alaska our ‘schedule’ has changed at least ten times and always for the better.


You can’t anticipate the people you will meet, the places you will love or hate, or the deviations you will make as a result…but don’t you think that’s what makes an adventure all the more interesting?



Fall colours in Alaska

© Quiet Wanderings. Fall colours



Homestead Guest Cabins
Homestead Guest Cabins are located at Milepost 95 on Victory Road along the Glenn Highway, about two hours east of Anchorage. Your home will be a self-contained log cabin at the edge of the Talkeetna mountain range and is a great base for exploring Glacier View and the surrounding areas. There is the opportunity to go ice climbing, glacier trekking, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, horse riding, hiking or… to just relax on your private deck with a glass of wine.

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