I would love to visit Venice again. But for now, I will have to be content with the nostalgia that comes with looking over old photographs.

Remembering Venice In Photos


I’ve always been a romantic at heart. In Venice, I deliberately left my map behind in the hotel room and fell into the maze of streets and canals…espresso in one hand and camera in the other. Yes, definitely a precarious balancing act at times but, really…sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one takes priority.In this case, being mid-winter I needed both, but my camera won out in the end. I was almost instantly lost of course amongst the rustic, crumbling walls and surprising splashes of colour in this sinking city.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of liqueur chocolates in one go”  Truman Capote


green chair against rustic terracotta coloured wall. Venice

© Quiet Wanderings. All photography by Cherina Hadley

Gondolas docked along canals in Venice

© Quiet Wanderings.

Old wall in Venice with etching Madonna and child

© Quiet Wanderings.

View of canal in Venice

© Quiet Wanderings.

Wooden door with red mailbox in Venice

© Quiet Wanderings.

Gondola being rowed down canal at Sunset. Venice

© Quiet Wanderings.

Gliding through the canals on a Venice gondola ride at sunset is the perfect way to begin any visit to this beautiful city.

Canals in venice at dusk

© Quiet Wanderings.

Painting inside a church in Venice with a sculpture of a woman in the foreground

© Quiet Wanderings.

Coloured walls of Burano Island

© Quiet Wanderings.


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