Travel Bug?

Am I the only one who cringes at the sound of the words ‘travel bug’? Particularly when it’s followed by a chaser of “getting it out of your system”, like it’s some kind of hideous virus we can’t wait to be rid of. The idea that travel is perceived as a whim or merely a rite of passage before we move on to the real stuff gets me a little cranky.

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I went to Europe for the first time when I was 21, for three months. Nothing went to plan, I fought with my partner pretty much the whole time and was desperately sick for two weeks in Turkey (travel bug maybe?) but still….I loved it. From the first moment to the last. And it left me wanting. My next ‘trip’ lasted three years.

I admit that, twelve years on, most people have given up on the notion that I am “getting something out of my system” and tend to just assume I’m planning another trip. Instead, I hear “so where are you off to next” which is much more pleasing to the ear.

The other thing that gets me a little peeved is the assumption that people who travel regularly must have loads of money. Far from it. I certainly don’t. But I also don’t have a mortgage, a car loan or any other kind of serious money-sponge. I pretty much work to travel because it’s the thing I love to do more than anything. So it’s not about wealth, it’s about making small sacrifices to do what you love, and then learning how to travel on the money that you do have.


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There is a fine art to travelling cheaplyand my way of thinking is the cheaper you do it, the longer you can travel. You don’t need a ridiculous amount of money to travel, you just need slightly different mindset and a good savings plan.
So if you think you might like to contract the infamous travel bug and start exploring this world of ours, the answer is simple: sell you house/car/whatever and head on your merry way!
It’s really that simple.
Okay, maybe not that simple but it’s got you thinking, hasn’t it?
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