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It’s with good reason that Vancouver is labelled one of the world’s most livable cities. It literally has the best of everything right at your fingertips: Pacific coastline, skiing on Grouse Mountain, hiking in North Vancouver, arts, culture, and Canadians are just so damn nice! It’s very difficult to fault it. Okay, so we all know it rains a lot. A lot. But I love the rain so I stand by my argument. 

Vancouver Skyline at sunset

Vancouver Skyline. Photo by Ecstaticist


I was lucky enough to make some incredible friends in Vancouver, I really enjoyed my job, I fell in love and all this has got me thinking…just how much do these things shape the experience of a place? Just how big a part does the place itself play? 
I’m planning a visit to Vancouver again in October next year as part of a two month North American road trip. I’m more than a little anxious about revisiting the city I loved so much. What if it doesn’t live up to the memory, or possibly even more importantly, what if it does?


I lived in Vancouver for close to a year back in 2001 (yes, I was there through all the seasons) and I’d live there again in a heartbeat. Of all the cities I’ve visited it’s the one I’ve always see myself moving back to. There’s the interesting thing though: I never have. There is something almost terrifying about moving back to a place you loved so much the first time round. There are always going to be expectations that it will need to live up to and, God forbid, what if it doesn’t?

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